Heatstroke Prevention in a Scientific Way
        Author:likego  Source:www.gdzhongsen.com  Date:2015-08-05  

        Kunping You, minister of Economy Ministry of Trade union federation of Xiamen led his leading group to visit XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD on the afternoon of July 31st. He asked the pension standard of heatstroke prevention in our company in detail, if all working staff received the high temperature subsidy and the measures of heat control working under the high temperature etc. He also encouraged labor union in our company to provide more assistance in preventing hot weather, and ensured all working staff to get lawful rights and interests.
        Then, XIAMEN XOCECO NEW TECHNIC CO., LTD organized members of labor union to offer gifts as an expression of gratitude or appreciation sympathy or solicitude to every staff provided by federation of trade unions. This showed the spirit of “Caring for People, Serving People”, putting slogan into actions. It also made staff feel deeply nice and warm.

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